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This is Maksat & Daiva's Online Wedding Album.
Thanks for visiting our website. We set-up a website to show our pictures and videos for those people who couldn't share our happiest day with us. And we also ask people to share the videos and pictures they had taken from the wedding.

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About Maksat & Daiva

Daiva is originally from Lithuania. Maksat is from Turkmenistan. First time we met on 10th of May 2008 in London. It was a church event in Holborn. One of Bill Clinton's former advisors Tony Campolo was coming to the event. Daiva wanted to go to the event but she had nobody to come with her. She asked one of my friends to come with her, but he didn't want to go there. He asked me to go there with Daiva. I agreed. That was a beginning!!!

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Wedding Photos

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Latest Updates

Our Honeymoon in Bow. :)

We had a such a beautiful wedding. It was much better than what we expected. We are very thankful to organisers and all our guests.


Online wedding album countdown...

Online wedding album is on its way. It will be launched on 12th of September, 2011. We expect your participation. We share our wedding pictures with you. We hope you would send us the pictures you had taken at the wedding to share with us. Thank you for coming to our wedding! And also please, send your comments to us.

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